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JIBF '08

Jordan International
Hot Air Balloons Festival

Wadi Rum



Pilot Application      

Download Full Brochure 'PDF'

General Terms:


  1. Submitting the application doesn't constitute acceptance, acceptance notification shall be sent back to applicants

  2. Pilots shall not provide rides directly in the festival area but through the event concessionaire

  3. Pilots must have insurance in force at the time of the festival equivalent to 700,000 JDs for personal injuries and 70,000 JDs for property damage from a prime insurance firm

  4. Pilots will only fly the balloons they register to fly

  5. All pilots shall be in command of their own balloons and no flights are compulsory

  6. The festival administration will provide the facility, pilot make their own choice to join the festival

  7. The organizer has the full right to cancel or reschedule the event

  8. Pilots give the organizer to full right to photograph all aspects of the event including balloons, pilots and crew, reuse them commercially or otherwise or in any way the organizer wishes

  9. Pilots will release the organizer, venue and operators and their staff from any responsibility due to personal injury or harm they may inflect on themselves during the event.

Entry Terms:


  1. Pilot registration fees of $350 non refundable for all Primary pilots including sponsored pilots, the organizer will provide gas, a number of chase vehicles, pilot pack, and tickets to special functions, transportation from hotels to launch field and back. This fee is refundable in the case of cancellation by the organizer.

  2. Full accommodations (One Room) in selected hotels will be provided to pilots sponsored through the organizer, admission fee of $5000 for accepted balloons of special shapes and balloons carrying advertisement. This fee is refundable in the case of cancellation by the organizer.

  3. Non sponsored pilots can either make their reservation directly or through our company at the special rates mentioned in the Hotel Reservation Page.

  4. Pilot applications should be completed in full and all required documents should be provided. Pilots will receive a signed entry agreement - without this agreement no entry is permitted.

  5. All pilots should submit a current and valid certificate along with Balloon Registration and Airworthiness Certificate and Operating Limitations for Experimental Aircraft.

Download Pilot Application



Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK Free Zone

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

E-Mail   :   


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