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JIBF '08

Jordan Int'l
Hot Air Balloons


Wadi Rum


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Fly over the theme background of Laurence of Arabia ...

In the glamorous Wadi Rum - '25 Miles' 38 Km north of the Jordan's Aqaba port, '80 Miles' 120 Km south of the wondrous Petra, a number of colorful adventurous hot air balloons will fly up, up and away painting the blue skies with brilliant colors over the beautiful sands and raw mountains into the sun with the cheers of the crowds amidst the cool breeze of a November morning mist.

The event includes mass ascension at the opening of the festival, a glow night followed by Arabian nights special presentation by artists and singers around beautiful folklore and belly dancers.

A precision competition, free flights and rides to follow in the next two days.

One night in Aqaba and one day & night in Amman will end this very exiting event for sponsored balloons.

The event is organized by Walid Hikmat Est. (MEEF Int'l Events Management) in cooperation with  a number of government and civil departments.

Other activities include a 4WD display, Wadi Rum Safari and a Track Test with an exotic trip to PETRA one of the modern wonders of the world for participating pilots and crew.

More information for visitors will be available soon, special tours will be arranged from major cities in Jordan to the festival, international tour packages will also be announced by our associate tour operator.

Please visit our website more frequently to follow on all updates.

PETRA one of the new seven wonders of the world

Glamorous Wadi Rum

PETRA the Wondrous

Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK Free Zone

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

E-Mail   :   


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